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Date Published Publication
December, 2018

Mengmeng Cai, Manisa Pipattanasomporn, Saifur Rahman, “Day-ahead building-level load forecasts using deep learning vs. traditional time-series techniques,” Applied Energy, Volume 236, 2019, Pages 1078-1088, ISSN 0306-2619.

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August, 2017

Xiangyu Zhang, Manisa Pipattanasomporn, Saifur Rahman, “A self-learning algorithm for coordinated control of rooftop units in small- and medium-sized commercial buildings,” Applied Energy, Volume 205, 2017, Pages 1034-1049, ISSN 0306-2619.

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February, 2018

Rajendra Adhikari, M. Pipattanasomporn, S. Rahman, “An algorithm for optimal management of aggregated HVAC power demand using smart thermostats,” Applied Energy, Volume 217, 2018, Pages 166-177, ISSN 0306-2619

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March, 2018

Imran Rahman, Murat Kuzlu, Saifur Rahman, “Power disaggregation of combined HVAC loads using supervised machine learning algorithms,
Energy and Buildings,” Volume 172, 2018, Pages 57-66, ISSN 0378-7788.

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