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Date Published Publication
June, 1978

Simulation of Electric Utility System Operation, S. Rahman and L. L. Grigsby, in M. B. Carver and M. H. Hamza (eds.)  Proc. of the International Symposium on Simulation, Modeling and Decision in Energy Systems, June 1978, Montreal, CANADA, ACTA Press, CA, pp. 91-95.

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October, 1980

A Survey of Non-conventional Resources of Electric Energy and Their Integration into a Power System, S. Rahman, Proc. of the 1980 International Conference on Cybernetics and Society, Cambridge, MASS, Oct. 1980, pp. 70-75.

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April, 1981

A New Approach to Minimum Weight/Loss Design of Switching Power Converters, F. C. Lee, S. Rahman, C. J. Wu, and J. Kalecki, Proc. of the POWERCON, Dallas, TEXAS, April 27-30, 1981, pp. A.2.1 – A.2.11.

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July, 1981

Nonlinear Program Based Optimization of Boost and Buck-Boost Converter Designs, S. Rahman and F. C. Lee, of the IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference, Boulder, COLORADO, June 29-July 2, 1981, pp. 180-191.

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