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  • IEEE ISGT 2014, Washington DC

ESTCP Sponsored Research

Bi-Level Demand Sensitive LED Street Lighting Systems

The objective of the proposed search is to design, develop and deploy an energy efficient LED street lighting system as a retrofit to an existing system at the NAVFAC Wash (NFW) facility in Carderock, MD. The technology being proposed is based on light emitting diodes (LED) that allow dimming as well as traffic sensing capability through a centralized controller. The smart server and a network management center are an integral part of the proposed demand-sensitive street lighting system to allow power consumption monitoring, control, and failure identification of each light fixture. It is expected that the proposed bi-level demand-sensitive LED street lighting system will deliver at least 50% reduction in electricity usage and carbon footprint as compared to the existing streetlight systems, as well as providing lower cost of ownership over the lifetime. Additionally, the research outcomes will include a set of guidelines, which are intended for use in planning and evaluation to identify the feasibility and viability of bi-level LED streetlight projects in other NAVY facilities around the country.