2023 President and CEO of IEEE

Over the past 40+ years, IEEE has been an integral part of my pursuit of excellence in professional life. While speaking at 200+ IEEE events in all ten regions, I have come across academics, young professionals, mid-career engineers in industry and government, and corporate executives including women and under-represented minorities. Engagements with members and volunteers globally at grassroots level has given me better insights to understand the community needs in developing relevant programs to advance their professional careers.

I am the founding director of the Advanced Research Institute at Virginia Tech. I have served as the chair of the US National Science Foundation Advisory Committee for International Science and Engineering. I am the founder of BEM Controls, LLC, a software company which provides building energy efficiency solutions. 

I have trained over forty doctoral/postdoctoral students. I am a Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Power & Energy Society, and have lectured in over 30 countries on Smart Grid, IoT and Sustainable Energy in six continents.

I was awarded the IEEE Millennium Medal in 2000 for outstanding achievements and contributions to IEEE. I am a 2014 Honoree of the IEEE Technical Activities Board Hall of Honor. I received the Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award from PES in 2013. I received the Meritorious Service Award in 2012, the highest award bestowed by PES. I received the IEEE-USA Professional Achievement Award in 2011.

Saifur Rahman

Joseph R. Loring Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering