Selected Publications

Publication Title Date Published
MATPLAN: A Probability-based Planning Tool for Cost-effective Grid Integration of Renewable Energy 08/01/2020
Dynamic and Stability Analysis of the Power System with the Control Loop of Inverter Air Conditioners 02/26/2020
Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms to Estimate Statistical Distribution Parameters for Characterizing Wind Speeds 12/09/2019
Comparative Analysis of Auction Mechanisms and Building Strategies for P2P Solar Transactive Markets 12/01/2019
An IoT-Based Thermal Model Learning Framework for Smart Buildings 11/04/2019
Modeling and Control of Flexible Loads for Frequency Regulation Services Considering Compensation of Communication Latency and Detection Error 09/15/2019
A Physical Probabilistic Network Model for Distribution Network Topology Recognition Using Smart Meter Data 08/19/2019
An SVR-based building-level load forecasting method considering impact of HVAC set points 08/08/2019
Blockchain-based solar electricity exchange: conceptual architecture and laboratory setup 08/08/2019
Commercial Building Load Forecasts with Artificial Neural Network 08/08/2019
Comparative analysis of blockchain-based smart contracts for solar electricity exchanges 08/08/2019
Performance Evaluation of Communication Technologies and Network Structure for Smart Grid Applications 05/14/2019
Day-ahead Building Level Load Forecasts using Deep Learning Vs. Traditional Time-series Techniques 02/15/2019
A Blockchain-based Platform for Exchange of Solar Energy: Laboratory-scale Implementation 02/07/2019
Impacts of Solar PV, Battery Storage and HVAC Set Point Adjustments on Energy Savings and Peak Demand Reduction Potentials in Buildings 02/07/2019
Mitigating the Impact of Renewable Variability with Demand-Side Resources Considering Communication and Cyber Security Limitations 12/11/2018
Design and Development of an IoT Gateway for Smart Building Applications 12/07/2018
Solar Irradiance Forecast using Aerosols Measurements: A Data Driven Approach 08/02/2018
Power Disaggregation of Combined HVAC Loads using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms 08/01/2018
Reducing Curtailed Wind Energy through Energy Storage and Demand Response 07/11/2018
An Algorithm for Optimal Management of Aggregated HVAC Power Demand Using Smart Thermostats 05/01/2018
Occupant-based HVAC Set Point Interventions for Energy Savings in Buildings 02/07/2018
A Self-learning Algorithm for Coordinated Control of Rooftop Units in Small- and Medium-sized Commercial buildings 11/01/2017
A Data-driven Approach for Quantifying Energy Savings in a Smart Building 10/30/2017
Coordinated Control of Building Loads, PVs and Ice Storage to Absorb PEV Penetrations 09/02/2017
An Internet-based Communication Platform for Residential Demand Response Programs 04/03/2017
Demand Management to Mitigate Impacts of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Fast Charge in Buildings with Renewables 02/01/2017
Integrated Automation for Optimal Demand Management in Commercial Buildings Considering Occupant Comfort 01/03/2017
Restoration in Distribution Systems to Reduce Financial Losses Related to Process Trips 07/19/2016
Distribution Voltage Regulation through Active Power Curtailment with PV Inverters and Solar Generation Forecasts 06/07/2016